Our Location at Moeraki

Moeraki   45º 22' S  170º 51' E

'Sleepy Sky' or 'a place to rest by day'

Moeraki is a small fishing village on North Otago’s east coast. The modern township started life on Boxing Day 1836 when John Hughes and several men from Weller Brothers established a whaling station on Kartigi Point (Katiki in modern Mäori).

While occupied by Europeans since then, Mäori occupation of the area predates this by some four hundred years.

During the 1870s, it was thought that Moeraki could become the main port of North Otago. A railway line to the settlement to facilitate this was completed in 1877, but survived only two years before serious instability problems put an end to its use... Oamaru became the main North Otago port.

Moeraki Boulders

The Moeraki Boulders to the north are huge spherical stones scattered over the sandy beaches. They are not ordinary round boulders shaped by rivers and pounding seas, they are septarian concretions and formed in ancient sea floor sediments.


Moeraki village is the home of the Moeraki Tavern and the renowned Fleur's Restaurant.

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Our location in the harbour at Moeraki


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